Cafe Amazon Open in Kawachi Village Fukushima Cafe Amazon 福島県川内村にオープン

Cafe Amazon is a chain store that has more than 1300 locations in Thailand.

The first location in Japan has been settled in Kawachi village Fukushima prefecture

and expected to be a place where local people can gather and interact with foreign people.

By an architect Kengo Kuma, a green maestro MATAEMON and a garden designer Yano TEA,

its garden was built with the aim of making a place for interaction with the world.

The Garden work will be finished in summer 2017 where various amazing plants are to be planted such as 250-year-old olive and yucca blue swan from Spain, dicksonia from Australia, Ohkanzakura from Japan and other plants and flowers from local area.

タイ国で約1300店舗を展開するCafe Amazon。



スペイン産 樹齢250年のオリーブやユッカ ブルー・スワン、オーストラリア産 ディクソニア、そして国産「大寒桜」と川内村の山野草で、2017年夏には完成し、世界に発信できるガーデンが生まれます。